Inner Wheel Club visits our Preschool Centre

As an organisation, we at Mumbai Smiles Foundation believe in complete transparency and honesty. That is why we encourage visitors from all over the world to come, visit us, and experience the [...]

Feedback Session held for HOPE

The end of the project year is here and with it, is the beginning of the feedback sessions for all our projects. HOPE, being the paediatric oncology program is the most sensitive one of Mumbai [...]

393 conduct Cleanliness Rally

Health is Wealth. A very famous English proverb which many of us fail to adopt in our lives, until it is very late. And this carelessness begins at home for most of us, irrespective of whether [...]

Observing TB Awareness Day 2017

The United Nations Theme for this year’s TB Awareness Day is “Unite to End TB”. And we stand with them. And coincidentally, something really important happened this year on March 16 that was long [...]

Annual Report 2015-16

We are pleased today to launch our Annual Report of the financial year 2015-16. This document, which contains the complete report of all the activities, financials and the outcomes of our attempt [...]

Science Fair organised for partner Schools

The end of academic year is approaching. Exam fever is on. Students are busy gathering notes, clarifying doubts in libraries and staff rooms, staying up at night to revise the syllabus and [...]

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