mMitra Field Coordinator’s training

mMitra Field Coordinator’s training Child care and maternity are critical health aspects that need attention among the community members. Mumbai Smiles recently launched its new project [...]

Lara Ruiz visits Mumbai Smiles

Lara Ruiz visits Mumbai Smiles   Awareness is the first step towards progress. Knowledge about the conditions around us and sensitivity towards it makes us more receptive towards change and [...]

Krishna Jha: The Story of determination

Krishna Jha: The Story of determination Poverty is known to negatively affect school readiness of children. School readiness reflects a child’s ability to succeed academically and socially in a [...]

Eye checkup camp at Tagor Nagar, Vikhroli

The eye and health care project of Mumbai Smiles provides eye/health care screening & treatment facilities to the underprivileged communities. The project aims to increase awareness and [...]

Bhushan makes it happen

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” -Nelson Mandela In an age where education is considered the most powerful tool that can be used to wage a [...]

Career Guidance session for SSC students

The Future Smiles project at Mumbai Smiles was designed with the motto of ‘Educating Disadvantaged Youth in Mumbai and has envisioned mentoring and providing scholarships to needy and ambitious [...]

Victor and Elena visit Mumbai Smiles

“Waking up is not a selfish pursuit of happiness, it is a revolutionary stance, from the inside out, for the benefit of all beings in existence.” ― Noah Levine At Mumbai Smiles, waking up [...]

Andy Fox: Visitor with a vision to contribute

Andy Fox: Visitor with a vision to contribute “Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality” -Abraham Lincoln Andy Fox visited Mumbai Smiles in the month of January this year [...]

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