SHGs selection process commences

Cultivating healthy habits through education’ is what the Balwadi Project stands for. We at Mumbai Smiles strongly believe in the idea of keeping health in the forefront along with education. A [...]

Marisol and Andreas visit Mumbai Smiles

 On 25th March, 2014, Marisol and Andreas visited Mumbai Smiles. During their stay, they had an opportunity to visit the Balwadis, the Holy Spirit Hospital and the Yashodhan School. They gave us [...]

Nuria and Francesc Vidal visit Mumbai Smiles

Nuria and Francesc Vidal visited Mumbai Smiles in the month of March 2014. They gave us the following feedback: “Congratulations for sharing so well your mission and thanks a ton for filling the [...]

The joy of giving – an experience to share

While we have spoken about altruism and the joy of giving over the last few Mondays, we would like to share a story about one such experience that we underwent last week. Mumbai Smiles runs [...]

Career guidance session organized by Mumbai Smiles

Today’s competitive world requires one to be updated and have a proper vision and knowledge as to what one wants to achieve in his/her life. Having such a clear vision at a young age is a very [...]

Laura, Eider and Miren visit Mumbai Smiles

Laura, Eider and Miren visited Mumbai Smiles in the month of March 2014. They gave us the following feedback at the time of their departure: “You are an inspired Project that transmits strong [...]

Let us take a pledge to protect our families

“As we strive to usher in a more sustainable future, achieve the Millennium Development Goals, shape a new development agenda and combat climate change, let us mobilize the world’s [...]

The Selfish Altruism

Selfish’ and ‘Altruism’ are two terms difficult to comprehend together. When we say ‘Joy of giving’ the joy is selfish and the giving part is altruistic. Researchers like E. O Wilson affirm from [...]

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