Lary and Xabi visit Mumbai Smiles

Lary and Xabi, residents of Spain, visited Mumbai Smiles on 13th December 2013.At the time of departure, they gave us the following feedback: “Thank you for your time and kindness. We have [...]

Ana Romero visits Mumbai smiles

Ana Romero, a resident of Portugal , visited Mumbai Smiles on 19th December 2013.Following is her feedback: “This visit has filled me with experience and happiness. I leave very satisfied [...]

National Girl Child Day

National girl child day is observed every year on 24th of January. It is celebrated to increase awareness among people regarding various inequalities faced by the girl child in the society. Girl [...]

World day against Leprosy

26th January is observed as Leprosy Day throughout the world. It is a well-known fact that leprosy is one of the most ancient diseases.  For centuries until Hansen discovered that bacillus- M. [...]

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