Follow up on eye screening for Balwadi Children

Eye camps were conducted for the Balwadi children to check their eyesight. This was done in association with the Aditya Jyot Hospital. It is important that for any medical camp, there is a proper [...]

Sangam Pandey’s tryst with Cancer – Part IV

Sangam’s state of mind : Sangam is keen on leading an independent life. She wants to walk to school like before and not be a burden to anyone. She helps her aunty in making decoration materials. [...]

Sangam Pandey’s tryst with Cancer – Part III

 The HOPE team has helped Sangam pandey to such an extent that she is extremely touched by them. She shares a hard made card to show her gratitude and has sent it all the way from Gorakhpur. We [...]

SEED beneficiaries sell 50 gift bags

It is indeed a moment of pride for Mumbai Smiles when the SEED beneficiaries make and sell products that give them an income. Mumbai Smiles sold 50 gift bags to the authorities of St. George [...]

Portescap supports Mumbai Smiles

There was an effort to promote Mumbai Smiles and the Balwadi Projects in the office of Portescap. Portescap is an organization that functions out of the industrial area of Andheri east. They have [...]

Meet our intern!!!

As Mumbai Smiles is progressing towards its vision of alleviating poverty by focusing on projects in Education, Health and Livelihood; few sensitive youths have showed their responsibility [...]

Sangam Pandey’s tryst with Cancer – Part II

As if God sent, the HOPE team approached him in September 2012 and offered to get financial help from outside. They took the help of a Holy Spirit Hospital social worker and began the treatment [...]

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