Visitors Speak

It has been a very positive experience to see the work that you are doing. We give you a big hug on behalf of me, my friend Diego and all the people from Ourense who would have liked to come but [...]

Toy Distribution for HOPE beneficiaries

As we told you earlier about the Toy donation from an NGO named “TOYBANK”. We took a step further to this donation and organized a small event for our HOPE beneficiaries wherein we distributed [...]

Amkay’s Help brings HOPE for Incontinence!!

As you know HOPE beneficiaries are the children between the age group of 0 to 18 years who suffer from the dreaded disease, cancer. They undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment which is a [...]

The SEED has reached Spain and is ready to REAP!!

As we have told you about our roses being made by the SEED beneficiaries. We are happy to share with you that the big consignment of 788 roses has reached Spain in a perfect shape, size and [...]

Its Vacation Time for our Balwadi Kids !!

Our balwadis are now close for the summer and will reopen after the two-month summer vacation in June. This brings another busy academic year to an end, a year that has been full of growth, [...]

Goonj – An evening of Music with Vikram Hazra

It was blissful evening of devotional music on Sunday 14th April 2013, organized by Cancer Patient Aid Association (CPAA) in support of the Children suffering from Cancer. This was an evening of [...]

Salute to the Real Champions!

Last week on 10th of April “Champion of the Month” was awarded to two of our Young and Brave HOPE Beneficiaries for successfully completing the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy required for the [...]

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