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Every two months, the Preschool Education team organizes an all teachers and assistants meeting. This meeting is important for reflection on the activities and daily preschool work of the previous two months, as also work towards planning for the next two months.

The usual agenda for this meet is to discuss everything related to the preschool centres, be it administrative or curriculum related:

  1. Starting from the general attendance and performance of the children in class
  2. Problems faced in class by teachers and assistants
  3. Students having issues keeping up with class (in case)
  4. Possible reason behind child/children facing issues in class (in case)
  5. Maintenance of the preschool centre in terms of cleanliness, water & electricity bills, first aid kit etc.
  6. Issues reported by parents (if any)
  7. Improvements noticed in children in general and specifically
  8. Activities of the previous months (eg: Vitamin A supplementation distribution, Sports Day etc.)
  9. Activities planned for the coming months
  10. Quality check on the nutrition being provided to children regularly

In addition to the topics mentioned above, this meeting also focused on action plan and budget planning for the next year, submission of important administrative documents etc. Also, this being the second last meeting of this academic year, a lot of reflection was done on the academic, nutritional and behavioural improvements in the students which has motivated parents in recent months to ensure that their children are much more regular to school now, than in earlier months. This improvement in the students’ health, introduction of a sense of discipline and good habits and respect for others is what motivates the parents to ensure that their children continue with the schooling even after completion of the preschool year. And this is what motivates us and our team to keep working hard as well!

The next meeting shall be now in the month of March, which will the complete reflection and analysis of the current academic year.

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