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“Mumbai Smiles has changed our lives so much for the better. We are not only providing independent food services to people, but also working with the organisation for child nutrition”, proudly says Alimunisa Saha, the president of Savera Mahila Bachat Gat (Gat is the Marathi term for a Self-Help Group or an SHG).

Now while we have various projects, fighting the many faces of poverty, we try and intertwine the projects, so as to make them mutually beneficial. And this inter-dependency creates self-sufficiency for all our beneficiaries. On the same note, we work with various Self Help Groups, comprising of 10-15 local women from the communities, encouraging few income generating activities. These SHGs might or might not be registered with the local authorities, but they are all micro-entrepreneurs! And working with them, we try and provide healthy and nutritious food for the tiny children of our Balwadis.

Savera Mahila Bachat Prez

Alimunisa Saha, is the President of one such SHG. This SHG involves 10 members, who have graciously associated with Mumbai Smiles and her feedback on our association is a motivation in itself. “We are reaching a wider range of people, building more contacts, getting more orders for our food services and the best part is that, we get to make food for the Balwadi children!”, Saha exclaims. “Working with Mumbai Smiles has boosted our confidence manifold”, she smiles. Also, making a very interesting suggestion, Saha asks, “Why doesn’t Mumbai Smiles start driving classes for the women of the community?”

Well, point duly under consideration, Ms. Saha!

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  • kalidas rote 2016 Jul 12 / 14:53

    Its power of women … They are taking initiative in income generation activity. it shown confidence and motivating for all of us……. Thanks for Balwadi team

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