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An Emotional Gift Activity was decided to be carried out this year to celebrate Friendship Day with our Spanish Friends who have also shown their immense and endless support for Mumbai Smiles (and Sonrisas de Bombay, our Spanish branch). For this cross departmental activity, led under the Livelihood and New Glances Projects, emotional gifts, in the form of Friendship Bands were created by the women of our Livelihood Centre and the number of these pretty handmade bands is a 3200!

DSC00945 DSC00999


A supervisor was selected to manage this activity that created a robust action plan, replete with timeline for all the steps involved therein. Right from the purchase of raw materials to making envelopes, tags for the bands, printing of flyers and final packaging was all done in-house.

DSC01008 DSC00996DSC01033 DSC01022

In an effort to strengthen the emotional connect between our donors, collaborators and associates with our beneficiaries, a letter was also drafted to be included with each band, and these letters contained a small handwritten note form our Founder and Executive President, Jaume Sanllorente as well. These emotional gifts were dispatched on the seventh of August and soon started reaching their destination as well!

DSC00984 DSC01036 IMG_4680

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  • kalidas rote 2016 Aug 26 / 12:20

    First , I congratulate to beneficiaries who involved in this activity..they have done this activity on time..&..I thanks to Kushala Madam,Natasha and Sarvparita who gave support to us.

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