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For the different projects of Mumbai Smiles Foundation, different Beneficiaries Committees are made up of the very beneficiaries of the projects. This model of monitoring helps us to not only ensure complete transparency of our work with the slum communities, but also improve project implementation, increase quality of further assessment exercises by gaining accurate knowledge of the overall situation of the project.

These committees meet up periodically with the project team to give their feedback and suggestions to improve the overall functioning of the project. Recently, the Preschool Education project’s beneficiary committee had a meeting for the same purpose, which was attended by 15 members that form the committee, the Deputy Director of our organization, Ines Ramos and the Preschool project team, including the Program Officer (Vikas Gaikwad) and the Field Coordinators (Chandrakala, Suresh, Mahendrakumar and Bapu).

The meeting was highly interactive with parents firstly appreciating all the activities of the project and then also suggesting a few things, such as:

  1. Plan outdoor activities everyday for the children
  2. Organize a school picnic for the students
  3. Include on fire extinguisher at all preschool centres
  4. Increase the number of holidays around the festival of Diwali
  5. Install AC in all centres

We are very thankful to all the parents for their complete honesty and their appreciation for the project and we have taken a note of all the suggestions made by them. While we cannot promise to incorporate all the suggestions, since it depends a lot on the financial support that we have, such as installing of AC or organizing school picnic for all 900+ children (and we strongly believe that whatever activities are done in any project, it should be done for ALL the beneficiaries of it and not just for a few). But we will do our best to ensure that the children are as comfortable as possible and get a wholesome and holistic growth from the health and nutrition support of the project, meanwhile we will work to put all these suggestions into action and for this, we urge our readers to come forward with their support in terms of cash or kind to help us ensure a brighter future for these children (for more information on how to support us, please visit our DONATE page).

We thank all the parents in the Committee for their honest opinions and their valuable suggestions. It truly helps us to become better as the project implementation body!

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