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LSE Project for Girls Beneficiary- Pinky
Age- 23 years.

“I am a part of this course since last 7 months and I  have  been  enjoying  it  thoroughly.  Due  to disability I would feel weak and alone all the time, I would feel scared to move out alone as I would always feel helpless. This course has given me new friends,  who  understand  my  anxieties  and  are more than ready to help. This course has given me courage to move out in public, to not be scared and take my own decisions. It has become easier for me to put my point of view across with my family members, who are always very protective. Due to the support I have taken up a part-time job in a dispensary and feel independent about the same. I want more girls to enroll for this course and learn new things from here, I want them to learn from our mistakes and avoid making any of those”.

mMitra Beneficiary: Deepali Sanjay Pandagale
Age: 27 yrs

“This is my second pregnancy and I have been getting mMitra messages from the last three months. I have been receiving voice calls as per my month of pregnancy. The woman on the phone talks softly and clearly in the language that I can easily understand. She tells me to look after myself, importance to take iron tablets and how they work wonders if I take them with some tangy juice. I have been following it regularly and I find myself more fresh compared to my first pregnancy. She also talks about taking calcium tablets in the night, importance of sonography to know the growth of the baby. She reminds me often to drink more water. My mMitra sakhi has suggested me to pack my bag required for delivery beforehand to avoid the last minute random packing.

She made me understand the importance of interacting with the child so that the bond between mother and child will be developed. She tells me things which no one has reminded me before.

Our beneficiary could not resist laughing when she shared that in one of the messages it was said that the baby is playing football inside”.

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  • Natasha 2016 Jan 19 / 12:44

    Its wonderful to see our beneficiaries being benefited from the projects!

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