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We have some amazing news to share with you all. A couple of months ago, we met two school girls (11th graders) who wanted to volunteer with Mumbai Smiles. During our meet, we explained to them the different requirements that we have on daily basis for our citizens and what really struck a chord with these two adorable teenagers was the need of sanitary napkins for the girls of our Life Skills Empowerment program. And so, after a brainstorming session among our new volunteers, Ishitaa and Vanshika, and our Partnerhsips Head, Indrani Dasgupta, came the idea of organise a Bake-Sale fundraising event and the wheels were set in motion!

Ishitaa and Vanshika, two 11 graders, along with the help of their other two friends, Mridula and Chhavi and family members, organised the fundraising event in their residential complex that includes quite few buildings in Colaba, a posh South Mumbai area near the Arabian Sea.

So how did they prepare for the event? We began planning a month in advance. Firstly, we decided a rough menu and approximate dates. Then we asked permission from the administrative office to hold to bake sale. Then we designed the poster online (which took about 5 hours). After a final decision on the dates, we ordered the posters, which came within a day. Just five days before the bake sale we told Chhavi and Mridula the menu and what they had to bake. Ishitaa and I went around putting up posters in all buildings. Mridula spent an ENTIRE day to make the lovely backdrop for the bake sale, on which she drew, baked items with chalk. After the baking was over a day before, it was show time!” said Vanshika.


And so arrived the days of the bake sale event. With gorgeous looking and delicious tasting cupcakes in various flavours (including carrot, marble, red velvet, chocolate), cake pops, crunchy tarts, dry fruits & plain chocolates and other such items on sale, the stall looked gorgeous! Icing on the cake was the fact that on both the days of the sale, we were sold out within two hours, with more than a 100 customers from the societies buying & enjoying the desserts and coming back for more!!!

Vanshika recounts a particular incident, “A gentleman said he was extremely proud that we were using our vacations for such a bright cause! He bought a lot of our stuff too. There were these two girls who had taken a few cake pops and cupcakes on the first day. On our second day, they came back to our stall, only to tie all four of us friendship bands (since it was friendship’s day)! It made our day and we couldn’t stop smiling after that incident. We thought that it was a beautiful gesture.”

And we are so very happy to say that the bake sale event was super successful, raising a total of Rs. 10,000, with which sanitary napkins were bought for all the girls of the LSE. And we thank all the four girls and their family for this amazing gesture!

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  • Pravin Birhade 2017 Nov 07 / 09:46

    Congratulations Indrani, Ishitaa and Vanshika to raise the fund by using this innovative idea for the great cause & it is great initiatives also. Thank You to support us.

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