“Hope is a waking dream.” said Aristotle and every month there are champions who cherish such waking dreams under the HOPE project. ‘Champion of the month’, is a way in which we salute the courage and determination of the struggling heroes at the Holy Spirit Hospital. This month marked the celebration of consistent fortitude of Ankita  [...]

Yashodhan School is located in Shastri Nagar, a slum area in Thane. Majority of the students in this school come from the nearby slums. By making education accessible to the underprivileged students of Thane, Yashodhan school is not only trying to provide quality education to the under privileged but also contributing towards protecting their legal  [...]

World Malaria Day (WMD) was observed on 25 April 2014 across the world. On this day, advocates and citizens around the world raise awareness of malaria as a disease that is preventable and treatable and mobilize action to end the ravages of malaria. It is also observed to highlight the need for continued investment and  [...]

Sigrid and Valerie visited Mumbai Smiles in the month of March 2014.Sigrid is a resident of Spain, Barcelona while Valerie belongs to Canada. At Mumbai Smiles, they witnessed distribution of Vitamin A supplements to Balwadi children and flower making – an activity undertook by SEED team. They also visited the Holy Spirit Hospital and met  [...]

One synonym for the word kindness is the term humanity. Kindness is essentially a recognition of the fact that we’re all human, an acknowledgment that we’re all in this together. Most of what makes life worth living depends on at least some of us being altruistic some of the time. We cannot address problems like  [...]

Yesterday was the day when you could make a difference. It gives you the opportunity to choose your leader, and give priority to issues that matter the most to you. We, on behalf of Mumbai Smiles thank all voters for exercising your right and making your voice heard. Thank you for voting as ‘Change is  [...]

While Nikunj’s father was in distress and wondering how to pay for Nikunj’s treatment, his father got in touch with the HOPE project team of Mumbai Smiles, through the Holy Spirit Hospital. His father also got in touch with the Holy Spirit Hospital’s social worker, and was able to mobilize funds for Nikunj’s treatment through  [...]