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The Preschool Education program is a holistic program for mental and physical growth of tiny tots, in the age group of 1-6 who enroll in this program. With 30 centres having 31 students each, a total of 930 children participated in the sports day activities recently held across all the preschool centres and along with the children, all the parents were also actively enjoying the event at the sports ground.

The preschool program focuses not only on education but also the physical and mental development of the children, which requires a lot of activities for these growing kids. That is why, along with the regular syllabus of alphabets, poems, stories etc, events like Children’s Day and Sports Day are also held annually, which gives these children a chance to indulge in team activities and inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and positive associative with outdoor activities through the team activities and competition at an early stage.

Each of the preschool education centres celebrated the Sports Day on the community ground of the project area, outside the centre, where children were divided into various teams and activities were conducted. Many individual as well as team competitions were held and lot of prizes were given out to those winning these activities, custom made for these tiny beings and safe & easy to participate in, such as basket ball, book balancing, target the bottles, elephant walk race, giraffe walk race, frog jump race and so on, all targeted at balancing and motor skills development of these children. The awards included story books, colouring books etc, which again are targeted towards cognitive and motor skills development of these children.


The parents of the preschool children were also very happy to see their kids perform. These are some of the responses:

Saloni Padyal, a mother of a preschool student in Marol area expressed her joy at the event, “This is my child’s first ports day and I thank the Preschool Team for organizing such fun and safe activities for our children! It is very essential for children’s growth and I am very happy that Mumbai Smiles includes such events along with regular course.”

Archana Bhadarge, mother of a preschool student in IIT Powai area talked about her daughter’s good performance saying, “My daughter is generally very shy but it feels so good to see her perform with so much confidence and interact with other children. She is participating in so many activities here and this is giving me immense joy. Thanks to Preschool program, she has started interacting with other children too in our area!”

Such encouraging words from the parents give us the boost to keep conducting such activities and see the growth in these children, to help create a brighter and stronger future of Mumbai.


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