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Field Visit of St. Rock’s High School Beneficiaries in Sahar Police Station

20th March

Mumbai Smiles’ project, Life Skills Empowerment help the beneficiaries face the demands and challenges of their daily lives as well as make the most of their studies. Among other activities, Mumbai Smiles also conducts visits to different institutions such as Police station, post office, banks or even a hospital etc., these visits allow the students to know the resources and services available to them and in what way it is to be used for their safety and benefit.

On 28th February, Mumbai Smiles visited a local police station to make the students aware of the functioning of a government institution and how they can access the services of the local police. Field Coordinators, Mr. Pravin Birhade and Ms. Prafullata Vengurlekar visited the Sahar Police Station along with 18 beneficiaries and the visit was approved by Mr. Mane, Senior Police Inspector of Sahar Police Station.

At the Police station the students were educated about the following – How to record FIR, Women’s rights, processing of a criminal, civil crimes, role of citizens, cooperation of people to help police, Police Recruitment Process to name a few. Visits to various departments like detection, record room, dispatch station, complaint register, lock up room etc., were also part of the tour. Such an exposure would only help the students in educating them about the processes of a police station.

The beneficiaries were delighted with the visit as now they are confident to approach a police officer during critical situations and are now aware of the procedures to be followed. Such visits would also boast the morale of the beneficiaries.

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