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06 AUG I

Empowering women is one of the biggest concerns globally and India takes this issue seriously. There is a lot of advocacy taking place for the empowerment of women be in the area of equal rights, gender equality, access to education, employment opportunities, participation in the government and many other avenues.

Government policies are being amended in favor of women and many NGOs in the country and contributing to the cause. Mumbai Smiles has been forthcoming in the issue and this is evident in the SEED project where women are trained on self employment opportunities.

While becoming self reliant is one of the most important empowering tools for women today, Mumbai Smiles recently contributed to making women self reliant.
Ujjivan is a micro finance institution that provides small loans to those in need. Mumbai Smiles took an initiative in conducting a session for the beneficiaries of the SEED project.
These women have already received trained in the ‘beauty parlor course’. Hence these women now have the knowledge and the understanding to set up their own service in providing beauty parlor service for clients. However, any venture requires funding. Initial funding is essential before the venture starts making money. Mumbai Smiles has facilitated in setting up a successful venture  by arranging for a educational session for these women that was conducted by Ujjivan.
The following questions were addressed:

How can you avail small loans?

Criteria for getting loans?

Document to be submitted?

Repayment Criteria and procedure?

The session went on for 45 minutes and was attended by 50 beneficiaries. There will be a follow up  to guide the women of starting out on their own.
Now these underprivileged women have the liberty to start their own venture and become self reliant. Mumbai Smiles continues to pave way in the area of empowering women.

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