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The Life Skills Empowerment (LSE) program addresses the issues of the adolescence period of life among the teenagers of the select slum communities. The sessions held for the beneficiaries of this project include workshops and capacity building sessions on time management, subject & course management, personality development etc. Along with these, one of the important aspects of the LSE program is also create awareness on different topics related to Health and Nutrition so as to ensure that they themselves take precautions to stay safe and healthy from diseases.



A free health camp was organised recently for all the LSE beneficiaries to check their overall health by checking their height, weight, hemoglobin, blood count, platelets etc.

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Each of the 90 young adults present at the health camp had a one-on-one session with the doctors present. Along with blood test, each beneficiary received free medicines as per their requirement; a quick nutrition and personal health counseling were also done for them to deal with the regular minor health issues. Those identified with severe issues will be followed-up with for further treatment procedure.


Such camps not only help us arrange checkups for the beneficiaries but also help us monitor ourselves in terms of gauging the progress of the program when we see the results of such checkups. With each passing year, we try to include more of such camps to ensure better results and better results is what motivates us to work more and more with them!


Field Coordinators Vipul (extreme left) and Pravin (extreme right) with LSE beneficiaries in the camp.

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