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Earlier this week we mentioned the initiation of scholarship distribution to our Higher Education and Girl Child Education projects’ beneficiaries. Today we want to tell you a little more about it!

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With the two above mentioned educational projects, we are very conscious of the fact that, just as trees do not grow merely by planting seeds but with constant supply of other resources, similarly, with children, merely paying the fees is not enough, but education is attained with support of other materials, such a stationary, interesting workshops, extra-curricular activities etc. And at Mumbai Smiles, we believe in this kind of holistic growth. That is why our projects of Higher Education and Girl Child Education, in addition to providing scholarships, also organises various sessions on time management, personality development for their complete education, as also provide them with regular school utility kits for everyday school use.

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As mentioned in the earlier blog, this year we have partnered with 13 schools for our two mentioned educational projects, of which we have distributed scholarships to 49 Girl Child Education beneficiaries and 18 Higher Education beneficiaries, across five partner schools. To each of them we have also provided a school utility kit for their everyday use.



These bags and folders contain 10 notebooks, 10 ball-point pens and one geometry compass box, which is essential in everyday school life.


As for the rest of the eight schools, so the scholarships and utility kits will be provided to them right after they come back from their Diwali vacations!

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