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With the objective to improve general healthcare and health protection for the community members through community intervention and support, the various projects of Health regularly conducts free health camps for various check-ups, for eye care, dental care, general nutrition and more. Recently, one such free health camp was set up by the team of the Infectious Diseases project in the Marol Pipeline Area, which helped screen a total of 65 community members for various infectious diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, TB, HIV and Leprosy.


Infectious Diseases are at their peak during the Monsoons and hence creating awareness in the community is of utmost importance. This is where such camps help to inform and make the communities aware of the various diseases, along with early detection as well.


Dr. Jayendra Gawade and Dr. Rutika Gawade were more than generous to help with this camp as they not only screened the community members for the various ailments, but also provided one-on-one counselling to each of the beneficiaries on general nutrition, preventive measures to stay safe from infections as well. And post their check-up, the patients were also provided with free medicines.

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It is also heartening to see that with each camp, we see a rise in the number of women coming forward and interacting more with the doctors on their general health. Even the local community Mandals are now taking initiative to help us conduct these camps in a smooth and efficient manner and encouraging more people of the community to benefit from such camps!


“The quality of medicines provided to us in these camps is very good. We have experienced the change and improvement in our health from the previous camp. Also, with the presence of a female doctor, we feel more at ease to discuss any kind of health issues in our regular life as well”, said a community member, here for a follow-up this time. “We are very thankful to Mumbai Smiles for such camps. This gives us a great opportunity to seek quality medical support and guidance for our regular life!” exclaimed another beneficiary at the camp.

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  • Vikas Gaikwad 2016 Sep 14 / 13:19

    Mumbai smiles foundation is providing a rally good helping hands to improve common peoples health ….. Congratulations health team keep it up !!!

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