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The Community Health Project of Mumbai Smiles, earlier known as the Eye & Healthcare project, is one for regular eye and dental health check up, which includes identifying the errors pertaining to cataract, refractive errors, root canals, braces etc. These free health check up camps are organised by the project team members in the different communities of Andheri East (seven project areas that Mumbai Smiles work with) as well as in the partner schools for all the children of the Educational projects.

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The main objective of the eye camp, on the one hand is, of course, to detect the issues pertaining to health in these slum areas, but also to create awareness among the underprivileged segment of the society, about the importance of regular health check-ups in order to detect the various diseases and disorders at an early stage, before it gets to the fatal stage and also to prevent them with better diet and precautions.

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Last week, the 5th free eye health camp was organised in collaboration with Doctor Eye Institute, wherein the institute provided this camp with expert doctors and the equipment to successfully carry out the health camp. A total of 81 community members were screened at this camp, of which 29 were detected with refractive error and 30 with cataract. These patients are now in process of receiving free spectacles and cataract surgeries, as per their prescriptions.


We have to mention a big thank you to the entire team of Doctor Eye Institute, Ms. Meera Pandit & Ms. Meera Vatode who are the teachers of the Preschool Education Centre No. 16, for having helped with the setup and smooth and organised functioning of the camp and also the local community leader and his team’s support for all the logistical support for the camp; without any of their support, this camp would not have been possible at all and we appreciate all the help and support!

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