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Eye health is something that most of us take very lightly. While we might get our blood pressures checked regularly, when it comes to checking our eyes (for not just visual weakness that gets solved by spectacles), most of us avoid it thinking we’ll notice if any issue bothers us. But there are many refractive and infectious issues which, if caught at a later stage, can impair our vision permanently. And while this holds true for most of the world’s population, while the financially stable can approach a doctor and a hospital immediately during the time of the need, it is not a very viable option for the underprivileged.

Mumbai Smiles regularly conducts health camps for the various underprivileged communities around Andheri east. These camps are conducted in the immediate communities as well as in the schools that we have partnered with as part of our other Educational projects.



One such free three-day eye check-up camp was held at Savitribai Phule School, one of our partner schools in collaboration with Aditya Jyot Foundation and Yash Foundation, where a total of 575 children were checked for various eye ailments and refractive error issues, objective being early detection of any eye problems and also creating awareness of various types of eye problems and how to identify them for oneself.

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Of these 575, 98 got detected with refractive eye problems, 2 were identified with eye infection and 14 were referred to hospital for further testing. The next stage is to provide them with spectacles (on prescription) and further testing for prescribed children.


Such camps help us not only identify patients with severe eye problems but also help us prevent such ailments from affecting the patient further and from spreading as well, especially in the slum communities where the proximity of people living together is extremely close due to lack of space and high population. And this is what the various projects of Mumbai Smiles is trying to overcome!

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