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Health is Wealth. A very famous English proverb which many of us fail to adopt in our lives, until it is very late. And this carelessness begins at home for most of us, irrespective of whether live in bungalows, flats or shanties. Often, we disregard the importance of cleanliness and litter around us without realizing the long-term ill effects of it, not only on our health but on the health of others around us, as well as of Mother Earth.

With decades and decades of open defecation and throwing of garbage on the roads, public transportation and other open areas, there has been an increase of infectious diseases in its kinds and the number of people it affects and that is why it is extremely important to now wake up, keep our surroundings clean, not only for ourselves, but for our future generations and Mother Earth, before our own garbage kills us all.

At Mumbai Smiles, we lay extreme importance of good health for progress and development of our society, city and personal growth. And so, we have been trying to conduct awareness sessions on cleanliness for our beneficiaries as part of our project activities for a while now and recently, we decided to do a peaceful rally on it in our project area for the same too.


The Cleanliness Rally was conducted in one of our project communities called Sangharshnagar, an area amidst the luxurious residential towers in Powai, with the objective to sensitise the citizens about importance of cleanliness for good health and environment, especially to try and eradicate the system of open defecation, since that is the most unhygienic practices which is extremely dominant in slum communities.

With almost 400 citizens in attendance of the Rally, including 248 parents, 30 Self-Help Group members, 15 staff members of Mumbai Smiles and more than 100 other community members, participating in the rally with saying out cleanliness related slogans for around 4kms in the area, the Rally reached a successful closure with other community members coming forward and reading the slogan-banners and later on asking questions about health and sanitation. We hope to see good results of the same too in our communities and among our citizens, for a healthier and cleaner Mumbai!

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