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A few months ago, a free blood test camp was organized for all the beneficiaries of Life Skills Empowerment project. In this test, a few girls were found to have low HB (haemoglobin) levels. Over the last few months then, these girls were paid extra attention in terms of their nutrition intake to increase their blood count and HB level.

So recently, another free blood test camp was organized for these girls to check their HB levels. In addition to the blood test, their height and weight measurements were also taken to check their overall health. The blood tests have been sent to the pathology centre and the results will be shared with the girls and their families soon.

Post the blood checkup and height and weight measurements, distribution of nutritious energy bars and sanitary napkins took place for the girls. Nutritional counseling was also provided to the girls depending on their height-weight ratio and overall health.

For this camp, we wish to thank Sanjeevni Pathology Centre that was there to collect the blood and is carrying out the lab tests on these blood samples, since without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to conduct these tests. We also wish to thank Nature Essential Food Pvt. Ltd. For the free energy bars for the girls which made the girls very happy! And we also want to thank our donors for the sanitary napkins. We are glad that these periodic tests are helping these girls to keep a tab on their own health and their families do not have to bear the financial burden of it. We are hopeful to receive all positive results for these girls soon!

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