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Most of us take care of our health in the most ignorant way possible. Be it the common cold or dengue or even a sprained foot, we all prefer home medication (using the minimum knowledge that we gain through advertisements and magazines and hearsay as well) and avoid going to the doctors. And in this process, we often end up neglecting the regular and routine check-ups that is extremely necessary to avoid serious diseases that may develop in the future with age, especially in terms of eye, ear, heart diseases and also the infectious ones. This ignorance is true on the part of most the humans of this world, irrespective of their financial or economic status. However, while someone with a good financial footing can take care of an ailment with the help of a good doctor and hospital, for those with limited resources of survival, it can be a bit of a task to arrange for the necessary funds!



This is where Mumbai Smiles comes in to work in select communities with its free health camps for the underprivileged sections of the society. Recently, in the Powai area of Mata Ramabai Nagar in IIT market, The Eye & Healthcare Project conducted its third Eye-camp for the current year, which included free regular eye check-up as well as Diabetic Retinopathy as well with the objective of creating awareness in the community about eye disorders as well as early detection of eye ailments among the community members.

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In collaboration with Aditya Jyot Foundation and Yash Foundation, 124 community members were screened in this camp. Of these 124, 73 beneficiaries were detected with refractive eye issues, 29 with Cataract 7 with other eye ailments. Post the check up, free spectacles was distributed to those with prescription and free cataract surgery is in process of finalisation for those detected with this ailment. Thanks to our collaborating foundations as well as some Balwadi teachers (Sunita Londhe, Archana Gaikwad, Sonali Kahire, Vaishali Gaikwad, Deepa Khandagale and Ruhibano Sheikh) who stepped forward to help organise this camp in a disciplined and efficient manner!


Balwadi Teachers at the camp helping to maintain order and discipline

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  • kalidas rote 2016 Sep 13 / 08:53

    Good Team ….. Good work ..!!!!!

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