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The 10th year celebration of Mumbai Smiles began with an opening ceremony at Holy Spirit Hospital on the 6th April. In the week that followed, Mumbai Smiles celebrated the joy of completing 10 years with its true heroes who make Mumbai Smiles and with whom Mumbai Smiles really works.

One of the key highlights of the ceremony on 6th was Sooraj’s performance. Sooraj voluntarily came forward to perform for the evening and set the mood for the rest of the ceremony with joy and hope. He has undergone basic training in Indian classical music – both Carnatic and Hindustani. He also took training in western vocals at the True School of Music, Mumbai. Singing is his passion and it clearly reflected in his performance.  Everyone present was enthralled and spellbound by his performance and came forward to congratulate him. He is currently enrolled in the 3rd year of his undergraduate studies at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Sooraj was extremely delighted as felt that he came forward to perform for an organization doing great work, and through his song, he was able to spread hopes in the hearts of everyone.

Check out his performance

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  • Natasha 2015 May 22 / 12:08

    Your voice filled us with hope Sooraj..;)!

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